Flores Komodo Tours 6 Days 5 Night

Kelimutu Lake On Flores island

The two unique tourist attraction that are world-famous and can only be found here, are the prehistoric the 3-coloured lakes of the volcano Kelimutu on Flores Island, Komodo dragons on the Islands Komodo and Rinca and.There is only one road from Eastern Flores to Western Flores and we lovingly call it “Flores-Highway”. From Maumere to Labuan Bajo the way is “only” 550 km, but as the landscape is very mountainous and the streets are not always in good condition, you need 20 hours driving time for this route. In order to have enough time to visit all the attractions without hurry, we recommend to allow at least 6 days for the trip from Maumere or Ende  to Labuan Bajo or vice versa. It is possible to integrate side trips and hiking and snorkeling aktivities. Please kindly Read The previews of our program recommed below Flores Komodo tours 6 Days 5 Night

Day 1: Transfer from airport to Moni village The gate to Kelimutu lake

  • Pick up from the airport in Maumere or Ende, continue to Moni.
  • From the airport in Maumere the journey takes 3.5-4 hrs and from airport Ende 1.5-2.5 hours. If you arrive in Maumere in the morning
  • then on the way to Moni it is possible make a village encounter around Maumere, Sikka and Ikat demonstration in a village near Maumere.
  • Accommodation in a bungalow in Kelimutu Eco Lodge / similar Hotel which is remote located surrounded by beautiful natur just outside the Moni village.

Day 2 : The 3-colored Lakes Kelimutu – Bajawa

  • Kelimutu is a volcano near the Moni village in Central Flores in Indonesia. The Volcano Kelimutu consists of three crater Lakes, which have different colors because of minerals. The colors of the Lakes have changed several times dramatically over the last years. The Lunar of crater is a hideout of the spirits according to the beliefs of the locals. Then the souls of boys and girls live in the Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai , which change the color between turquoise, blue and white greenish In Tiwu Ata Polo the sinner wait till night, to fly up with the wind and destroy every living Intruder. This lake change the colors between red, dark green, dark red and green color. The souls of the ancients rest in the Tiwu Ata Bupu. The now almost black Lake was once dark blue then light blue to white. The name of Kelimutu itself in the local language means ‘keli’ = ‘mountain’ and ‘mutu’ = ‘boiling’.
  • Before Breakfast we have to get up early in the morning at 04.30 am and after a cup of coffee or tea, we drive to the volcano Kelimutu. After 30 minutes we reach the parking lot, and here a pleasant walk about 1.5 km and 127 stairs leads to the terrace of Mount Kelimutu at 1690 m altitude.
  • From here, you have wonderful views of all three colored crater Lakes of Kelimutu and the surrounding countryside. Approximately at 10: 00 fog or clouds can come up and prevent the view so it is important to be up at least between 8 and 9. In the midst of this lunar landscape, the colors of the Lakes look spectacular. It’s always a surprise what colors the Kelimutu Lakes will have when we visit.
  • From Kelimutu, Get Back to the Hotel for breakfast, and than continue our trip to Ende,
  • with a stop at fruit market of Nduaria on the roadside. Lunch is at a local Restaurant in Ende.
  • After lunch, we continue driving to Bajawa with stop at Penggajawa to observe the colored stones along turquoise, green even red, and they are prized by local people. On the way, we take a short walk to enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape.
  • In the afternoon we arrive at Bajawa. Accommodation in Bajawa

Day 3 : Bajawa – traditional village Bena – Ruteng

  • After early breakfast, we take a short detour to Bena, one of the most traditional villages in Ngada District. The village consist of two rows of centuries – old high thatched houses along a ridge. In the center you can see cult houses and much older stone monuments formerly used for ritual sacrifices in the ancient local religion. The local Christian people still use this historic protected site for worship.
  • We continue driving to Ruteng, stoping to take short walks along the way.
  • We pause at Aimere to see people brewing arak. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant on the way. Today is a spectacular drive. Enjoy the trip through undulating hills with mountains standing majestically in the distance. The rice terrace fields in Mano make a spectacular scene, with wonderful views of Lake Ranamese.
  • In the afternoon, we visit Ruteng Pu’u to see the “Adat House” and enjoy the panorama of Ruteng town. Accommodation in Ruteng

Day 4: Ruteng – Labuan Bajo –Boat to Rinca

  • After breakfast, we drive from Ruteng to Labuan Bajo.
  • Our first stop is in Cancar to see the “spider web rice field” called Lingko. Lingko is a typical farmer land in the group or clan belong to Manggaraian (west part ethnic group) when they divide land.
  • Arrrive in l.bajp than direct on board continue crossing to rinca island
  • Afternoon trekking rinca island to see the dragon and other animals.
  • Have Dinner and Stay overnight on board

Day 05 Rinca –island –Komodo Island – Pink Beach –manta Point –Lbajo

  • Erly morning boat move to komodo island breakfast will serve on boat while sailing
  • Arrive in komodo island direct trekking will accompany by Rangger to see the while life of the Komodo Dragon
  • Boat Move to Pink beach for snorkleing and swimming ,relax with beauty underwater colorfull
  • Back to The boat and crossing to Manta point ,snorkeling and swimming hopefully lucky to see the manta rays
  • Sail Back to L.bajo harbor drop to hotel program .

Day 06 Hotel –l.bajo airport

  • After breakfast our driver pick up at your hotel than drive 20 minute to l,bajo airport for morning flight back to Bali program end with great memory .



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