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Rinca Island one of of second biggest on Komodo National park Belong to East Nusa Tenggarta Province Within west Manggarai Regency ,The Island famous of Komodo Dragon and others animal such us Wild pig ,buffalo ,long tailed macaque ,and many kind of birds .

Being Les Known than Komodo Island ,Rinca Island has good place to See  Komodo Dragon ,the island serve Nature Environment with fewer people disturb them .mostof the people the come by day trip with local boat  or by speed boat can be reach 1 hour.Rinca island total are 198 square kilometer (79 sq ml )Being less known and less visited than Komodo, it is a good place to see the Komodo dragon in its natural environment with fewer people to disturb them. Day trips can be arranged from Labuan Bajo on Flores by small boat at the park headquarters.

Living conditions for local people on the island are often difficult. Education facilities, for example, are quite limited for children. Some non-government organisations help with the provision of books for children on Rinca Local people must also take some care to avoid Komodo dragons because Komodo  in the area occasionally attack and kill humans.

Rinca and Komodo bracket a north-south passage between the Indian ocean  and the Flores Sea. Due to the large bodies of water and narrow gap, the waters between Rinca and Komodo are subject to whirlpools and currents in excess of 10 knots

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Map Of Komodo National park

Komodo National park


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