• Komodo Dragon



    • Amazing Padar Island

    Padar, Amazing Island with four bay and surounding by Komodo and Rinca Island. With Gray beach and white beach on the left , White sandy beach on the right and Savana hills.

    Location: Padar Island, Flores Indonesia



    Gili Laba located North site of komodo island

    Offers an exciting soft trekking experience to the summit of the hill about 250 m above sea level,along the coral trail through the grassy meadows ,trekking start from the white sand beach ,one the trekker one the top will be fascinated by the picturesque vistas of the tranquil bay and the blue sea ,and of the expansive views of the surrounding island in the komodo national Park .if you are interest in mangroves ,you can start observation here .


    ·        Pink Beach

    Pink Beach, Komodo National Park – Indonesia
    Pink Beach on Komodo Island is famous for its beautiful pink sand. This color is a mixture of sand from white calcium carbonate and the bright red skeletons of organ pipe corals, which are relatively abundant in certain areas of Komodo National Park. Other pink sand beaches are found in some of the eastern bays on Komodo Island, as well as in southern Padar. Komodo National Park is the real wonder of the world. one of the last frontiers of the underwater world — Diving in Komodo Marine Park is like nothing on earth.

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